February 24-28, 2020!
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A World Empowered
Born and raised in the North American Midwest, BC grew up seeing the world with child-like awe and amazement; he has always loved "playing with life”. As a young man, a traumatic motorcycle accident nearly took his life, which enhanced this wondrous outlook on life even more. "Live each day as though it were your last; one of these days, you will be right," is BC's living mantra. His NDE (Near Death Experience) also caused him to become deeply passionate about helping each person live the happiest, most fulfilled life possible.
Running his custom furniture business for 15 years, establishing the networking group Le.Ed (Leadership Education & Entrepreneur Development), and founding the non-profit A World Empowered, has given BC a unique perspective on what success means, and how to attain it. BC is also a published author, speaker, and Podcast Host. And in his spare time enjoys playing hockey, fly fishing, making art, and traveling to developing countries.

Favorite Quote: “Being kind and doing good should be the rent we pay, for our time here on Earth.” ~Mohhamad Ali