February 24-28, 2020!
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Alysia Kraft

Alysia Kraft chokes up sometimes talking about how much she loves music… how grateful she is that one day in her early twenties she was visited by a strange and insistent compulsion to play it herself, to make her own music, to convince others to play with her, to play small stages, and then bigger ones, to make records, and then better ones. Because fate is strange and sometimes hilarious, Alysia has shared stages with Bon Jovi, Blondie, and Bonnie Raitt (to name a few starting with the letter “B”), has amassed devoted and enduring fanbases for projects The Patti Fiasco and Whippoorwill, and more recently, landed a job working alongside artists on their own creative careers at the Music District as Artist Development Coordinator. Conversations around the power of creativity are her favorite, with conversations about reaching people in the world with that you’ve created… a very close second.