February 24-28, 2020!
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Kent Frazier

Kent Frazier is a loving co-parent to two beautiful kiddos and his life’s work is dedicated to alleviating unnecessary human suffering. He is the co-founder of Fully Human at Work.

Over the past 25 years, Kent has held a variety of leadership roles within the “people practices” (HR) of organizations ranging from small privately-owned start-ups, to mid-sized private equity-owned growth stage companies, and publicly traded Fortune 150 organizations.

Organizations and clients include Ghirardelli Chocolate, Amazon Web Services, PETCO, Sapient, Centex, LRW, Big Muse, Helios and ArloSoul. Kent co-founded two non-profits, Conscious Capitalism Bay Area and Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles, both part of the Global Conscious Capitalism Movement. His current focus addresses mental health in the context of “work” by re-imagining and redefining the very ways we relate to and participate in our work, with a focus on what it means to be fully human in the workplace. Learn more at https://www.kenthfrazier.com/ and https://www.fullyhumanatwork.com/