February 24-28, 2020!
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Michael McTate

The Meditation Station
Co-Founder & Experience Creator
Northern CO & Boulder
I'm the co-founder, along with my wife, of The Meditation Station, a mobile and solar-powered meditation studio. Friends and family call me Tate and I have a beautiful wife and two sweet little girls. I love exploring the beautiful natural wilderness areas around Northern Colorado. I am a Certified Level II Instructor of the renowned Wim Hof Method. I also have 10+ years of corporate sales/management experience in digital marketing & telecom.
When I’m not training clients or giving workshops I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, snowboarding, soccer and pretty much any other outdoor activity. I view meditation & wellness as an ever evolving practice that needs to be structured yet flexible as we, as humans, are always changing physically, mentally and emotionally.